a little piece of me
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2004-02-01 03:19:58 (UTC)

no more

i am so damn stupid. i married the bastard anyway.
and he did it again. a few days ago. i'm leaving him,
only he doesn't know it yet. i'm leaving everyone. this
fucking planet is not worth it anymore. this is hell.
whatever the next life brings, it can't be worse than this
one. i am in hell now. i give up.

i just wanted this to be a record of the date, so i don't
forget, lest i need to know it. whatever.

what did i do? really. i just can't figure it out. i must
have been a really shitty person in my last life. well, i'm
sorry. for whatever i did.

oh god. are you listening? probably not. got other
things to worry about i suppose.

is this real? i don't know. i don't know what is real
anymore. i don't care anymore. fucking bastard. not
going to let myself go through this again.