Confessions from a Sexy Princess
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2004-02-01 03:01:10 (UTC)

I am back

Ok so you are probably wondering where I have been. When I
last updated this journal I was 6mos pregnant. Well I had a
boy April 20 2002, the day after I was due. He is now 21mos
and he is my life. I love him so much I cant explain it. Am
I with his father Greg? Yes. Am I happy? No. Do I want to
leave? Yes. Can I? No. I used to always see women in tihs
situation and I would always say, why dont they just leave
him. Now I know. I let myself become too dependant on him.
He pays all the bills. I pay for childcare, groceries, and
anything our son needs. He complains about paying all the
bills. Well he makes $80,000 a year and even though he
pays the morgtage, utility bills, and car payments, he is
still able to save money each month. I on the other hand
make $30,000 per year and I dont have much money left over
each month. I sometimes think he only got back together
with me so he wouldnt have to pay me child support. I
found out that he may have a 10year old daughter. I was
going through his things and found a picture of a baby born
in April 1993 and underneath the pic it had the mothers
name and Gregs name for the fathers name. I confronted him
of course and he of course denied it. I also found out
that the mother of his daughter is beneficiary to all of
his life insurance policys, so even though I am living with
him and raising his son, if he were to die today, I would
get nothing. I know if I could somehow prove him to be the
father of this girl that I could leave him and he wouldnt
fight me for custody because I could make it look like he
doesnt support the other child he has. I need to find some
info on this other girl... He told me that he would fight
me 100% for custody of our son if I were to leave. I cant
live one day without my son so of course I havent left. I
dont know what to do. I want to be happy. I dont want to
settle and right now I feel like I am settling.