nowhere kid

my hopeless life
2004-02-01 02:51:04 (UTC)


so Anna is gettin better thank god. But i think my x likes
me again and i dont i mean i shouldnt he played w/ my heart
way 2 much and he has another gf and he keeps buggin me 2 c
if i have another bf yet. It is really freakin me out. I
really cant stand him bcuz he is always actin like 2 dif
ppl. I dont kno wat 2 do w/ him. But then i think mayb i
still do care 4 him. After all i did have really strong
feelings 4 him b4 and they juss dont go away that fast.Im
so confused. This is way 2 wrong. AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH

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