My Life as I know it
2004-02-01 02:13:25 (UTC)

Bad Move?

Well I worte my ex an email adn I dont know if it was a
good idea, I just wanted to smooth things over ya know, not
let us hate eachother, cuz thats just not healthy! Im
almost 18! yeah on the 8th I will be turning 18 and getting
my eyebrow peirced. And soon after that my tattoo! I just
gotta convince the PA-RENTS! hmmmm Im really really happy
today, I am starting to look like a fashion designer
everyday! yeah! I am so exicted! I got these really cute
shoes today, what a deal. O and im totally revamoing my
bedroom! I started off by compeltely tearinf apart my bed
adn desk. I am so KICK ASS! who sed its a mans job! i am
stronger than I thought. Then Im goona paint it hot pink,
white adn black, to go with the zebra print curtains im
gettn, im so excited! well i gtg eat some din din!
be safe
~Rebel @ Heart~

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