My Unfair Life and Me
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2004-02-01 01:42:52 (UTC)


well... It's Saturday now. Tomorrow, I have to go to some
birthda party for someone I don't even know and don't
particularly care about... It's dumb. I've spent this long
without knowing them, what's the point now? Plus I don't
care. I could be hanging out with my friends watching the
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban premier T.v
Trailer tomorrow DURING THE SUPERBOWL but NO I gotta go to
that stupid birthday party!!! How messed up is that?
Well at least I didn't have to take that baby home this
weekend... Now I only have to take it home for one day!
Horah!lolz but I'm dreading Monday *sigh* I have to face
James and Brad... not to mention I have detention because
I HATE Mr. Hinty... that stoopid azzmole!!! What's his
problem anyway?
I don't know what to do about Valentine's Day... I
absolutely hate it! But I wanted to get something for
James... but after what happened on Thursday. god, I don't
know if I can go through with it! That was the most
embarassing thing of my life!!!
*Kills Tawnya* I can't believe she said I should name my
baby James.... and James was like RIGHT THERE too! I sooo
hope he didn't hear that! I will die...
yeh well anyway... My life is so not fair. How come
nothing ever goes according to plan??? Well nevermind that
right now lolz I'll write more later when my thoughts are
all sorted out... I'm alll confused right now *sigh*
high school planning, surviving 8th grade, struggling not
to commit suicide, f**kers, I hate Smith... whatever

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