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2004-01-31 23:18:30 (UTC)

Winter Warmth and Winter Blues

January 1st- Well the first day of 2004 and really didn't
do anything. My cousins who stayed over last night woke up
around 9 o'clock and woke the whole house up. My aunty came
around 10 to collect them and to finish up on the food that
was from last night. So basically not doing much, I had an
exam on the 5th so basically trying to revise for that. Not
much going on, oh well first day of the new year ^_^.

January 2th- I stayed up really late last night and Michael
and few others were suppose to be coming to my house for a
study session for our exam on the 5th. The doorbell rang
and as soon as I heard that I stumbled to get changed and
get ready. Went downstairs and Michael, Samina and Hayley
were there. We studied going through each topic as
thoroughly as possible and covering weak areas in the
subject understanding. We went to lunch around 2 and got
some food. Came back and continued for a bit then everyone
left around 5. I went back to bed and woke up and studied
for a bit.

January 3rd- This was the day of my date with Shawn. I got
up at 7 getting ready for work and going out with him. Went
to work as usual from 9-12 just doing the usual. Came out
and then headed towards Superdrugs to get a present for
Shawn. Got him a Givenchy for Men and then headed towards
There were delays everywhere so I got there at around 2.
Walked down the platform and I say Shawn. He was looking
stunning and absolutely sweet, we hugged then he was taking
me around Rochester. We had a look in the shops, talking
about what we like and how we were. I gave him the present
and he liked it ^_^, he was;t expecting one but I got him
one anyway because it was his birthday that evening. We
then headed towards Chatham to find somewhere decent to eat
but struggled. We went towards this shopping center called
the Pentagon and we had look at some clothes shops. We
spent around a good half hour looking for somewhere that
isn't junkfood so we could sit down and chat. We talked
about alot of things, about our view on relationships,
about our pasts, it didn't really matter if what we had
discussed was lighthearted or serious, I just wanted to
spend time with him and thats all I wanted. After lunch we
went to Ottakars, a book store and he was telling me what
kind of books he likes and me telling mine. Went to Virgin
Megastore to look at music, talking about what artists we
like and which CDs we would recommend to eachoter. It was
around 5 and we headed towards the station. He came over to
my platform and hugged me, it was sweet. His train was just
arriving on his platform and then he quickly came back and
kissed me. It was the perfect end to the most romantic
first date I've ever had. It was just the best ever, I felt
so calm, happy and I was about to burst into tears because
of it. Shawn is such a lovely person and that day just
proved how much I really wanted to be with him.

5th- Woke up extremely early because I had an exam, it went
ok, I just hoped I passed =. Rushed home because I was
just really tired. Went to bed and later began to revise
for my Taxation.

12th- Had my exam at 2pm. It was a multiple choice test and
it went ok. I left there feeling a bit weird because I
never really do exhorbitantly well on exams. Its been over
a week since I had seen Shawn but it feel like many months.
Right now its safe to say we're friends, we are so busy in
our lives that when we do see eachother we make the most of
it. Bless him.

22nd - Chinese new year began. It lasts for 3 days and we
usually go to my Grandparents house for the exchange of lei
see (red money packets) given by married people to children
to bless them with prosperity and fortune. Stayed there for
about an hour and then went home to study for a bit. I'm
practically doing something every day- mon, tues, thurs and
fri- uni, the rest I'm working or studying. The only time I
have a substantial amount of time free is saturday
evening/night. Oh well I guess its better than doing

25th- I met up with Phillip to go out to see the Chinese
New Year Celebrations uptown. It happens the Sunday
proceeding the date of the new year. Got there around 12
and it was so packed. Trafalgar Square had a stage where
annoucements were made. There were around 3 lion dances
brigades, one in Trafalgar Square, another near the opening
to Leicester Square and the other in ChinaTown. There could
have been more but I didn't see =. We went drinking at G-A-
Y Bar most of the evening and met up Paul, someone from the
Phillips House party that we hadn't seen prior to that. We
went around Ku Bar then back tracked to G-A-Y bar, where
there was now a bouncer. He didn't let Phillip in, saying
that he wasn't a "member". We were all puzzled to why he
wasn't let in and I just laughed my head off! He only
bought one drink for me and the rest me and Paul bought for
everyone else. That day I realised alot about Phillip. For
the past 6 months he had not done anyhing other than drink,
sleep, club, smoke. He 23 and didn't work and he kept up
doing this all this time, without any change. He still wore
this jumper that had holes in it, all the time. You would
have thought that he some homeless person. The more I began
to ponder about it the more I repulsed him. I didn't have
much free time, my free time should be spent with someone I
can respect, someone who loves to live and has ambition.
When I think about it now, I just wondered what is his
purpose? He just wants to escape from reality and the
harshness of his own demented self. When I do see him thats
all I can think about, which makes myself mistreat him. If
he does decide to change his life (which I highly doubt) he
will have to give up on his god forsaken existence. If he
worked and did all those things I wouldn't have too much of
a problem but since he doesn't it just makes me wonder, why
the hell should everyone else work hard so he doesn't have
to? It infuriates me just to think about him and I don't
want to be angry. So I told him that I just didn't want to
see him anymore, hes just fucking tosser (sowwy .).