The Best Damn Diary - PERIOD!
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2004-01-31 21:55:27 (UTC)

Bored....again lol

I'm bored, so, while i was talkin to britney, i was talkin
to my Boss for KRR, Killer. Anyways, i told him some of my
profile info changed, so he had said to do changes, and
then email him the profile info again, and he'd change it.
So, i did that....and now, i'm gonna post it. Remember, if
you LOVE rock, check out:

Anyways, here's my NEW profile info:

Real Name: Chris Fitzhenry
DOB: December 15, 1983
Age: 20
Height: 5'9
Status: Sorta Taken
email: [email protected]
AIM: djtoxic2004
KRR Shows: The Toxic Playground And Smash Or Trash

Description: Well, people now say i'm half goth, half punk
(Which is strange here in canada), cause you're normally
one or the other. 3 Holes in left ear, with 3 more coming.
The pic basically tells it all....but i am gettin a new
and better lookin one. I also have a journal, you can
check out all my fucked up entries by clickin this link:

Why DJ On KRR: It's hard to find a REAL rock station on
the net, let alone become a DJ on one. I Chose KRR, cause
it allows me to play my music, and let you guys listen to

Spare Time Activities: Music, Music and Music. Besides
that, i'm a NASCAR junkie, love my nascar. I also watch
TV, play pool on and offline, watchin movies, talkin to my
friends, hangin out with my friends, watch movies, and

Music Collection Size: i lost count at 1400 songs on the
comp, with more than 400 CDs

What I Spin: if it ROCKS, i play it. Anything from Punk to
goth, to metal, And Alternative To The mixed genres of
rock (IE: Linkin Park)

Interests: Music, Nascar, Hockey, The Comp, The TV, and

My Ride: Any means of stupid "public"
transportation...reasons why i need a car lol

Favourite Game: NASCAR Thunder 2004
Favourite Bands:
Blink 182
Fefe Dobson
Bryan Adams
Led Zepplin
Matchbox 20
The Rammones
Marilyn manson
Favourite Anime: Don't watch it, couldn't tell ya
Favourite TV Show(s): That 70s show (My life lol), the
simpsons, CSI: Miami and CSI, Law And order (All 3
Favourite Music Genre: Punk

There ya go....2 in one day, so be happy lol