The Best Damn Diary - PERIOD!
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2004-01-31 20:54:39 (UTC)

Fucked up day #1000 lol

Well, i guess when i'm high, i over-exagerate things, or i
imagine shit...but i guess, oh well. I Guess cheree read
my journal entry for lastnight, and i got an email from
her (At least she said somethin) So who here wants to read
the email? lol....yea, you know i'm gonna post it :P Well,
here it is for all you people who read the journal
everyday, for some unknown reason lol

Well lets see...

You are full of it, when you say I won't take you how you
dress, the music you like, etc. If you think that, I DO
NOT want to be with you. You can go for the other girl...
OH WAIT! Go for her since you think so much bad things
about me. And you're also full of it, when you say we
fought about you Djing. What the hell are you trying to
pull? I KNOW for a fact, we didn't fight about that. Seems
like you're just trying to make yourself look good.

So good job... go for the other girl... we're through.

And don't bother emailing me back because I won't read it.
And for you loving me.. Apparently you're full of it there

You won't hear from me again.

Yep it's short and straight to the point.

Well, like i said, i might have exagerated on a few things
lastnight....when i'm high, i find i tend to do that. BUT
to a point.

Anyways, it's gonna be a long fucked up day. Gotta leave
in about an hour so i can get the new damn bus pass for
Feb (Stupid monthly $45 passes *GRRRRR*) And i also have
to go to a store i have a BONG on hold, just for the
simple reason i can't pay the damn thing off due to the
cell. So, now i gotta see if they'll at least give me the
money back i put on it...or at least hold it til i can pay
for it.

Can my day get anymore fucked up? lol. Oh yes, yes it
can...i get to get SAM2 back, and record my first
show...AGAIN. meaning i gotta type out a script and so
on...and get sam2 back....damnnnnnnnnn lol.

But, on the bright side, i am talkin to some people. Just
until i leave for awhile. Anyways, before i blab on and
on, i'm gonna leave this as it is, and prob'ly post a new
entry tonight sometime