Obsurd and Undiscussed Relations
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2004-01-31 17:29:49 (UTC)

Fillin' ya in on what's been goin on lately...

Okay, wow...I haven't been on here in a while. I guess I'll
fill ya in on what's been up. Chris is in AZ...we broke up
on Christmas Eve. =( Feb. 9th is comin up...then it'll have
been a year since I've seen Chris n Kim n Kenzie n Ashley.
Umm...Snowcoming is pretty soon too. I dunno who to go with
tho...I'm prolly gonna go w/ Steph n a buncha gurlz cuz
it's tunz more fun goin with gurlz anyways. I need a dress
tho...I'll find one I guess. Thursday me n Steph went to a
Simple Plan and MxPx concert and it was so much fun! It was
in Milwaukee. Sugarcult and Motion City Soundtrack opened
for them and Sugarcult was really good! I ordered their CD
this morning. Sam is gone on a ski trip and will be back
Monday nite. I dunno what's up for today...Maby I'll go n
hang out with Kendell, Steph, Carly, Melissa, or anyone
else in GS. I'm dyin my hair today too. I'm goin into town
in a lil while. We gotta wait for the plumber to come tho
cuz our sink by the washer overflowed...It was really
funny. I did really good on my exams and crap for this past
semester, (My GPA is 3.958 or something like that.)
Umm...Me n Steph were fightin w/ Carly cuz she is tryin to
be someone she's not, tryin to be like us, and it's really
annoying and yeah. We both kinda gave up tho cuz she's gay
and if she goes any further w/ this shit then we'll start
up again but for now, we'll leave her be. Connie, the ppl
we babysit for, is movin back in to her old house. It
really sucks cuz Steph n I are scared shitless of the
place. Carly isn't, well she says she isn't, but when it
was her and I there babysittin she was really scared too. I
really want to move into Gladstone but my ma won't go for
it. She says it costs too much but seriously, it'll save
money on gas and she won't hardly ever have to drive me
anywhere, and it'll be closer to all my friends and then I
could actually take the bus to school, and it'll be 15 less
minutes she has to drive to get into Esky. If ya ask me, I
think it works out perfectly. Mike is livin in the middle
of nowhere (between Wallace and Menominee) if I didn't say
that b4. Their house is nice and all, but damn, it's so gay
out there. He's supposidly moving to Green Bay or Appleton
but I dunno...I doubt it cuz he always says shit like that
to get my hopes up. I'm saving up money for a guitar. I'm
really excited for that! I need like $276 more tho lol...My
ma's givin me like $50-$75 towards it for my grades so
that'll help alot. Jesse said he'd teach me how to play cuz
the ppl at Jim's don't know wtf they are talkin about. I
dunno tho, I don't need Jesse doing anything to me...He
better not or I'll f*cken rip his balls off! I'm so not
taking any shit from anyone anymore...I'm sick of it.

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