My Unfair Life and Me
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2004-01-31 07:50:39 (UTC)

January 30th 2004

I have a lot to tell about tonight... well its 2:41 am so
Technically its Jan. 31st but anyway....

We had a snow day for school... so I didn't have to take a
baby home, and I didn't have to face James or Brad... THANK

Thursday was SO embarassing it's not even funny! It all
started at lunch... we were going up the stairs from the
cafeteria to the gym. Travis was behind me and James was in
front of me.... well TRAVIS pushed me, and we were going UP
so my head ran right into James's butt! and he saw to...
talk about total humiliation! I can't bare to show my face
around him ever again!

Oh but it just HAD to get worse later on in the day...In
Orchestra... we were doing ensembles on the stage today,
and James sat right next to our group. Amber sat in front
of me, and Brad sat next to Amber. Well AMBER had to go and
open her BIG MOUTH about James and Brad (and how I like
them!) and I wanted to kill her so bad! yet still, that's
not the worst of it... *sigh* She was going on and on about
me and James and he was right there! hearing every word of
it! Then she told Brad that I like him! and I was
like "SHUT THE F**K UP" and the teacher was right there
when I said that.... luckily she didn't say anything about
it, but back to the point.
Because of Amber's big mouth, the whole ensemble was
teasing me all period about James and Brad. Then Tawnya
said (When James was right there) "Hey, why don't you name
your baby (in health) James?" I went so red and I wanted to
kill Tawnya so bad.... by then I was PRAYING for the period
to be over... but no, we still had 20 minutes left! I
almost died I swear!

That was the most embarassing thing in my life! I swear I
can never show my face around them again! I'll die...
really, I will... *dies*

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