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2004-01-31 06:10:11 (UTC)

i feel.....

i feel wrong. i feel like i cant tell any one my probalems.
i feel like everything i say is not being understood. i
feel like edwin gives me problems. i feel like crying. i
feel like giving up on my self. i feel like going away and
never coming back, i feel like i am wanted only by ppl who
i dont want to want me. i feel like im not loved by the one
person i need love from. i feel like im going crazy. i feel
like yelling at edwin for no being there. i feel like
finding a new friend with my same problems.i feel like
doing thing edwin has never experienced before. i feel like
telling edwin " i need you more that life it self". i feel
likeshowing edwin how much i care which is impossible b-
cuzi love him so much. i feel like leaving out of ere and
never seeing edwins face again. i feel like yelling at my
heart for fallen in love with edwin. i feel like im slowly
dying without edwin. i feel like im never going to stop
loving edwin. i feel like me and edwin will never b e. i
feel back stabbed. i feel like no one listens. but most of
all i feel like i caqnt go tru with out him!

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