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2004-01-31 06:04:30 (UTC)

Valentines Day - A Hallmark Affair or Worth Your Time

Every year around this time it's the same old story. As
soon as Christmas and New Years Eve is over with we all
have the pleasure of looking at those beautiful red and
pink metalic hearts that hang in shop windows. We all get
to look at the mounds of heart shaped boxes of chocolates,
and wonder what it's really all about.
I have never really liked Valentines day, partly because
I've never had one worth talking about and partly because
I think V-day is just a ploy for Hallmark to make up its
losses from over the hollidays. Call me a cynic if you
want, most people do but I tend not to buy into the whole
idea of one day set aside to just be "lovey". I have
always said, why should we feel obligated on just one day
of the year to tell the people we love that we love them.
We should feel obligated to tell them every day, and I
tell all of my boyfriends not to send me flowers because
it's valentines day but send them because it's Tuesday.
Of course they never listen, but I try. At any rate, I
will not indorse the phony idea of valentines day, nor
will I be buying any flowers, candy, or cards. :)
I had to vent about my dislike of the day!


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