Recollections and daily drama
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2004-01-31 02:43:54 (UTC)


I am on the go all day. I drive an hour to work, I work
over 8 hours. At work we are constantly working on
strategy's for our next move in Admin. I am constantly
on edge, on the go and not able to take a break without
having a knot in my stomach that I should be back in my
office waiting for the next thing to happen.

When I come home, I am on the go doing laundry, running,
running the dog, feeding the animals, watching my
daughter, watching her friends come over, feeding them and
then talking to their parents and dying to get to bed so I
can start my next day.

I get told from my significant other "make plans" call "so
and so" let me know what confirmed plans we have so I can
plan. This is involving him, this is planning of my free
time, of our free time.... Maybe I don't want to make all
the plans maybe I want to be the one being asked to go in
on the plans. If you want to ski, lets go... it
shouldn't involve confirming plans with all that want to
ski. Let them ski on their own. And he is sleeping
right now as I am still waiting to be able to settle

I also get told, pay bills, let me know what I owe
you... this is from a person who works mostly at home,
not an hour from home. I have to call the people the
bills are involved with not him... I do it at work ...
where all can hear that my credit card company is moving
my credit up. NOt in the quiet of my home where the cats
and dog can hear this info.

This all has happened on a week where the roads were so
bad I could barely see 5 feet in front of me. It took me
double to triple the amount of time it took to get to
work. Part of me says go fast who cares if you crash
that is why there is insurance. Then the other part of
me says... you don't have time to deal with a crash, be

Feeling overwhelmed, tired and rotten tonight.

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