C'est moi and I'm not french
2004-01-31 00:49:55 (UTC)

little girl

SO nothing new has happenned... paul is being so freaking
moody... Yesterday i hung out with him alittle and i go to
drop him off and he stays in my car for like 30 min tlaking
about how everyone hates him and shit like that... it was
so stupid! he just kept whining and whinin g about how
horrible his life is even though he gets everything he asks
for... grrr. and hes telling everyone ilike this guy nate
which i do but that my personal buisiness... stupid fuck...
so today i drop him off again and he stays in my car yet
again!!!! so i sort of ignore him and of course he gets all
angry at me so now hes gonna go tell people... fuck jen
shes a bitch... all well i dont care about him... heres a
piece of this guys poetry to explain my thought on love and
intelligent- and beautiful
you stole my stare in seconds
before even an hour
you fell into my arms
and wait; something's changed
what is that?
it feels like...feeling
i'm awakening inside again
like a light, almost too bright
but never ceasing to amaze
i love this
you've brought it all back
that tingling- in my lips
that shaking- my hands are shaking
is it all a dream?
thank God,
this time its real...
thank you.
thats it fuck off... oh where i got the poem is its at the