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2004-01-30 23:54:24 (UTC)

Learning to pee standing up...

Yeah I know I'm a girl but when Anita, Jasmine and I went
to that film festival, we struck up an absurd conversation
at dinner in Potbellys.

I told Jasmine that the first time I saw her I considered
her a toothpick in Skeptics. Especially when she wanted to
pee on herself. So she explained to us she went home to
practice that emotion. Wanted to see how it would look
infront of a mirror so she can play it realistically.
Eventually we started talking about peeing on ourselves
when we were young. Jasmine told us about the first time
she found out what it is to write your name in snow, but
didn't comprehend that only guys do that. Then Anita sais,
with her ever out of the blue trivia, that it's possible
for girls too. She found out on the internet that we can do
it. It just takes two fingers. The conversation ended in
all of us agreeing that it would be cool to acquire that

So this morning, when I went to the bathroom, just so
happened that I was alone in the house I took off my pants
and went in the bathtub. (Just in case.) Used two fingers,
sure enough it worked. What distance too. It worked out
very well, except for two things.

First, something I was doing didn't hold too good a base
cause there was one large stream and eventually as I trie
to shift it here and there to see whether I can make
something of it, another smaller steam formed. Nothing
leaked dow my leg though, so that was good.

Second, since I was in a bath tub it squirted back on my
feet from hitting the surface from so high up. That was
something easily washeable though. I washed the tub, I
cleaned my legs, washed my hands, put my pajama pants back
on and went out of the bathroom happy.

Oh and guess what, I'm on some reading roll now. I can read
really freaking fast. I'm guessing a page every 1.4 minutes
on average. This is with thourough understanding of almost
exactly what's going on. If I miss something by the speed
reading, I pause go back a bit, which causes my time to be
what it is. 1.4. If I weren't to go back or check the time,
take breaks in between chapters it might have been
something like 1.2. Maybe I don't know.