Ode to a psycho!HA!
2004-01-30 22:54:32 (UTC)

In the blink of an Eye.

So this is what happened. I went into sixth period, and no one had
cleaned the filter on my tank. So I had to do it or else we would get a
really bad grade. So I take the whole thing off and go over to the sink,
and dump all of the water out, and I pull my sleeves all the way up past
my elbows, and I turn the water on. I notice that my watch is getting a
little more wet than it's supposed to and so I asked mitchell to unlatch it
for me since my hands were drenched and slippery. He unlatches it and
set it in my mouth, and I carry it over to the counter and set it down next
to the space I'm working in. I keep cleaning the filter for most of the
period, and I'm finally done I put the damn thing back together, and
clean up the whole space I've been working in, and put the filter back on
the tank, and then I sat down, and wrote furiously the rest of the period
to try and catch up on all of the notes I've missed. The teacher let us go,
and I ran to guidance to have a form I needed signed and filled out. I
said good bye to my boyfriend, went to my mothers class room, finished
the form, and went home. Elyse had asked Alex Nordin and I to help her
move tonight, and she hadn't called either one of us, so we made plans
to go out for chinese food, and then to watch a movie around the time
we were supposed to be helping elyse move, and all of a sudden it hit
me. Like a bullet. I wasn't wearing my watch, and I hadn't been wearing
it since 6th period that day. I paniced and then thought well i can always
go to the room first thing in the morning, but its FRIDAY! I'm really
upset. I don't think anyonw would have stolen it, but it really upsets me
not having it. I feel horrible. Billy gave it to me for christmas, and I
couldn't bear to tell him that I was cursed because I loved it so much,
and I thought hey, maybe this time wll be different. Afterall there is a
perfectly good chance that my watch is at school right now sitting just
where I left it, or that Mr. Kirkland saw it and picked it up. i really hope
to God it is still there. I'm not going to tell Billy just yet that it might be
gone, because if it's not, everything will be fine, and there will be
nothing to worry about. But if it is I'll feel like the most horrible person
on the face of the planet. I have this curse, see, with watches. every
watch anyone's ever bought for me, or given to me, or even that I've
boughtfor myself has been stolen or lost. Really my family will tell you, I
can count as few as 5 watches that I have had stolen or lost throughout
my life, and there are probably more than that. It's really plauging me
that this watch is missing, and I don't think I'll be settled again until
monday before school when I can go get it back. I am such a horrible
person. you wouldn't even believe.