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2004-01-30 21:39:45 (UTC)

Aaron is a disrespecting fool

I met this guy through a friend she was like he is so
sweet to me. you and your girl need to hang out with us it
would be fun. And yea i met the guy and he seemed nice and
all then about a week later she was like hey hes a jerk he
violated my trust and looked through my diary and was
really mean about it. I come to find out later that not
only was he mean to her he was also trying to pick up on
my girl. We all have our flaws and make mistakes . We
should at least have the smallest amount of honor and self
respect to say yea i did this now what . but to have some
one lie flat out to you face and then to make it even
worse have them tell a friend that if you come against
them agin you are going to pay well i say to that some
peope are spineless bastards who dont deserve the air they
breath or the world they see. People should at least have
the desence to admit their falts i know i can, can you ,