2004-01-30 21:24:42 (UTC)


Hello all who read this This one of many journals i have i
will start this like some i have in the past with a poem
of life and pain

The life I lived befoe was full of hate ander and rage.
All i ever wished was end the agony and have a clean page
i was heading on a downward spiral to a pite of death
Killing my self one line and hit at a time
They say hell is a place were the people go when they die
well that was wrong because i lived it every day of my
pitiful existance i called a life. i had no meaning no
answers and no were to run. A dog among wolves , cast out
and left to die. but I came back like a phonix rising out
of it ashes come back from the gates of hell living a
secound life free of thorns and tears of a life once lived
i know this dont make much sense but if you relate drop me
a response