The twisted thoughts of me
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2004-01-30 21:12:59 (UTC)

Josh(my unseen love and despair)

omg!!!! sometimes josh really makes me mad!!!! how can he
tell me to not to cut myself and then go do it
himself..Grrrrrrrr he upsets so gonna cut really bad
this weekend.really really deep.....see what he thinks bout
that. i know he doesnt care i just wish he knew that i
really do care bout him. i wish he would open those pretty
brown eyes and take a good look around. maybe then he would
see who really likes him. i dont care what sydney says, she
just wants a boyfriend. we all know it. i think it may be
the same on his part. i dont know. but i do know how i feel
bout him. the same way i have for over a year. I have grown
to love him through the year. I will stop no matter what.
you cant stop it no matter how hard you try, since i have
tried to like other people it just doesnt work. ewwww he
touched her butt....josh touched brittys butt...... i
cant believe it. owell. we'll all get over it. at least i
hope so. anyways if you havent know i liked josh you should
read my other diary things,cuz it explains it pretty
good.hmmmmmmmmmmm now im sad......:/ hmmm when arent i
sad??? i need to get a life ...i really do. but i want him
back so so so bad!!!!its not fair ..why cant i have him
back, why did i breake up with him...i know the
answer ..scared of love only cuz i cared so much i knew i
could get hurt.....stupid..i know!!!!!!! oh well celeste is
here i g2g get high..bye bye

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