lindsay ann

somewhere in between
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2004-01-30 19:51:32 (UTC)

wake up and smell my feet

ok...just writing that title made me think about how much
fun it will be waking up next to someone holly
said at hume this summer, for the first few months, i'll
just poke my husband every morning and say, "hi! i'm in bed
with you!" and start cracking up over it.

but here's how i am now: not harboring any secret crushes,
not obsessing over anyone, not freaking out because i think
i need a boyfriend. i don't need one, don't want one, and
i'm not in hootttttt pursuit of anyone. is it awful to say
i'm getting over chris? i hope not, because i'm saying
it. it's been the hugest blessing to be able to be friends
with him, though. i don't see how things could have worked
out any better, all things considered...

i'm ready for college...i want it nooowww..more later

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