Best Left Unspoken
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2004-01-30 18:46:09 (UTC)

Scary Story Part 2

Hope ur ready for another chapter
Chapter Two
“Everyone was a little freaked from all the blood and the
broken glass and the twisted metal that they were more
than ready to find somewhere to stay. They trudged on
into the darkness. Sara was freaked out even more than she
was before. She just had that feeling that there was
someone or something behind them. Waiting to make it’s
move,” Mitchell looked behind him as if he was the one who
had the feeling something was behind him.
“They finally came across an old farm house that had been
abandoned for years. The grass in the front yard was wet
with dew and was all the way up their knees. Sara was
practically walking backwards to make sure nothing tried
to sneak up on them and attack. Ethan tried to calm her
down by saying no one even knew that they were out there
but it didn’t work,” Mitchell had turned around and
started to walk backwards as if to make sure nothing was
going to attack this group of teenagers. He wasn’t that
bad at telling this story either, he was really getting
into it.
“They made it to the front porch. There were three steps
leading up to it. Steven stepped on the first step and it
fell in. So everyone else just climbed onto the porch
instead of trying the other steps. All of them went into
the front door. Beth, one of the teenagers, pulls two
flashlights out of her pockets. She said, ‘We’re going to
need these,’” Mitchell reached into his pockets and then
imitated Beth’s voice. It was a little funny and Beth
“That’s not what I sound like!” Beth said. She tried to
sound angry but she was smiling. Even she thought it was
“It was pretty close,” Seth said. He had been pretty quiet
up til now. Which was a little unusual.
“Yeah you have to admit it Beth,” Katrina said.
“The group divided into two groups of five. Sara,
Brittaney, Tiffany, Seth, and Jonathan were in one group.
Beth, Jennifer, Steven, Mitchell, and Ethan were in the
other. Each group got one flashlight. The first group
decided on staying in the living room and the other group
went to the biggest bedroom. Sara was still freaked out so
she stayed by the window and just kept looking out. Still
no one believed her,” Mitchell continued on with the
story. When he got to the part about Sara he looked around
as if he were paranoid.
“Hey you guys look there’s a farm house!” Steven said. He
pointed to an old abandoned house. The grass was tall and
wet, but that didn’t stop the group. They went to the
porch. They didn’t even try the steps because the second
was already broken. All of them walked into the front door
and Ethan had a flashlight. Everyone went into the living
room. Steven, Mitchell, Jenifer, and Tiffany sat on the
couch. Sara and Brittaney sat on the overstuffed chair.
Seth, Beth, Ethan, and Jonathan all sat on the floor in
front of the couch so that their backs were on it.
Everyone was turned towards Mitchell.
“I think whoever is telling the story should stand in the
middle of the room,” Seth said. So Mitchell got up and
stood in the middle of the room.
“The group in the living room were joking around about
Sara and her being paranoid. ‘You don’t have anything to
worry about’ Seth said to her just before someone in the
other group let out a horrified scream from the bedroom.
They all got up and ran to the bedroom. ‘What happened’
Brittaney said when she got into the room. ‘Jennifer saw a
big hairy spider in the corner of the room and she hates
spiders’ Steven told her. ‘Is she okay?’ Tiffany asked.
Beth nodded. ‘Maybe we should all just go into the living
room’ suggested Sara,” Mitchell stopped and made his face
look as if he were screaming.
“I really do hate spiders,” Jennifer said. “They freak me
out, and a big hairy one would make me scream.”
“Well then I guess there is some truth to this story,”
Seth said.
The wind blew outside and the house shook. It was a little
creepy. They were telling scary stories in an abandoned
house on Halloween. They said that it was funny, but they
all had the same uneasiness as the rest. A lot of what was
happening in the story was happening for real. She didn’t
say anything, but Sara really did have a weird feeling of
being followed. She didn’t know if it was just the story
or if it was real. So she just kept quiet and listened to
the story. Maybe she could joke about all this tomorrow on
their trip home in the light. That was a good thing to
think of to keep her mind off the uneasiness.
“Both groups went into the dusty living room. Most of them
sat down on the floor. All of them knew that there was no
use in trying to spread out for sleep because who could
really sleep in an abandoned farm house? So they all
started talking about what they would tell their parents
tomorrow about how ‘school’ was for the next day. ‘Maybe
we could just say nothing’ Sara said jokingly. But
everyone knew that it what they were all going to have to
do. So instead they decided to split back into their
groups and explore the house. The first group went
upstairs first. All the steps were dusty and there was
even a little mold growing on the wood,” Mitchell looked
down as if to think but looked back up at us with huge
mortified eyes.
“Who was in the first group again?” Tiffany asked.
“I think it was you, Brittaney, Sara, Jonathan, and me,”
Seth answered her for Mitchell.
“Yeah, that’s who it was,” Mitchell said.
“So Steven, you, Beth, Katrina, and Ethan were in the
other group,” Tiffany asked Mitchell even though she knew
the answer would be yes. Everyone did.
“Yep, you’re right,” Mitchell said to her. “So is my time
up?” he looked around to everyone. I think he knew that we
were all going to nod our heads because we did.
“Okay, who wants to be next?” Sara asked the rest of the
“I will,” Beth said. So everyone turned their attention to
her as she got up and walked to the middle of the room,
while Mitchell handed her the twig and walked back to the
couch and sat down.
So the story continues.

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