Thoughts in the Confused
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2004-01-30 17:30:06 (UTC)

A Transverse to Dreams

Hi D,

Hey I am have more time to add on to the earlier, no time
post. I am pretty good it has already been a ruff

The dream. First an oberservation. I seem to have these
dreams in the time that my Alarm clock goes off and I then
turn it off and fall back asleep and then with in that
extra hour I do this I dream. This is how todays happened
as well as the day before.

Now the dream.

I was with a friend today. Some reason I know him in the
dream but I can not upon waking remember or recognize who
he is. This one was more sexual then the last. We were
in a car kind of playing in a seductive fashion. That
kind of sounds odd, but I will put it this way. You want
to fool around but there are people around that stop you.
Anyway, car, palying around. It is my driveway we are
near the street and my father is up at the garage cleaning
it out.

We decide that we need to leave and find somewhere to do
what we want to do. Some reason there was now a woman in
the car and she kind of became the driver. We headed out
to some place I did not really know. It was kind of
remote but it was just kind of a field off the road some.
We started to make out and take our clothes off. He was
getting down to pleasure me and it seemed for some reason
he did not like how my penis tastes and it was a good
amount larger than it is in really life.

Anyway, the lady who drove us, suggested a
peppermint to suck on while he sucked me since he was not into the taste. So he started to rub it on there and
then suck on it and then continue to pleasure me.
Somewhere about now, I woke up.

Hmm. It seems I will never finish one of these dreams.
What a shame? I guess I am happy I am having them at
all. I hardly ever remember my dreams and then the ones I
do either fade really fast or close to stay with me a long

Got to get back to work. Later

jdiary2001 @ gmail (dot) com

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