would the world stop spinning
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2004-01-30 17:22:41 (UTC)

war in me..

i'm angry at her and then at them...i don't understand
as aften sit and looks me in the eye and ask how can you
have feelings for someone else and be so in love?

as ali still is treating me like i'm nothing all of a
sudden, and she doesn't have to call when she says she

as i'm told i can't say i love her anymore, when that might
be the most trying thing i've ever been through... i do
love her!,like it or not.i still dont want anything but
her, she still doesn't want to hear about it.

as i watch people be so hatefull to people they say that
they care so much about.

valentine's day is comming up and i don't think that there
has ever been a year that i hated that more. normally i'm
all about it...this year i wanna drink the day gone. i
think i've come to this nice clearing,where from the top of
this amazing hill you can see love for the bullshit it
really is.