Best Left Unspoken
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2004-01-30 16:23:39 (UTC)

Something New (Scary Story)Part 1

I just Wanted 2 try something new. This is a story or book
thing... Tell me what you think. Sorry it's so long Jenn!
Chapter One
It was an almost silent night. The only sound was wind
blowing through the trees. Every time the leaves shook
they seemed to whisper into the night, “murder.” Could
this mean anything? Let’s find out.
“Quit it!” Sara yelled out at Jonathan who had poked her
in the sides again. She was getting a little fed up with
it. It hurt!
It was Halloween night and a group of ten teenagers were
out on an old dirt road way after dark. They were Sara a
very loud and funny red head, Brittaney a tall nice
brunette, Jonathan a crazy tall person who has a different
hair color every month, Mitchell an insane short person,
Beth a very sporty blond, Tiffany the life of the party,
Jennifer a very out spoken dark brunette, Seth a silly
blond who hasn’t gotten a different hair cut since first
grade, Steven an intimidating dark brunette, and Ethan a
very funny blond. None of them really believe in any of
the stories that are going around school this time of
year. Usually they are the ones to start them.
“Sorry,” Jonathan laughed. He wasn’t sincere, it was
obvious that he was going to do it again. He pokes almost
“Yeah right,” Brittaney said to him. “You’re a liar!” She
“Let’s tell a little story while we walk so that we can
pass some time,” Tiffany suggested. “It could start out as
a group of teenagers are walking down an old dirt road
joking around and then in the end everyone dies!”
“Let’s tell the story so that we can take turns telling.
You know like everyone tells one part of it,” Ethan said
with a grin. This was his favorite kind of story telling.
“Okay but to take turns we have to pass something around,”
Tiffany said as she looks around for something to use.
“How about this?” Mitchell picks up a twig.
“Okay. Ethan you can start the story,” Tiffany said as
Mitchell gave the twig to Ethan.
“Well as Tiffany already said the story starts out with a
group of ten teenagers out on a little walk down an old
dirt road. It’s pretty much quiet except for the teenagers
who are laughing and joking not knowing what’s going to
happen to them in a matter of time.”
Everything was quiet for a second and Ethan started
telling the story again.
“They are walking when one of them suggests that they
should stop somewhere and get something to drink. It has
been a while since they left. They start to look and there
is no place around,” While he was telling the story he was
pretending to look around as if he were looking for
somewhere to get a drink.
“Sara, one of the teenagers, gets a weird feeling that the
group is being followed. Everyone else thinks she’s just
crazy because there is no one around. So they continue on
their walk. Tiffany notices that the temperature dropped
at least ten degrees in the last twenty minutes,” Ethan
grabbed both of his elbows and shivered as if the
temperature really did drop ten degrees in the last twenty
“None of their parents know that they left, so none of
them are expecting them to come home anytime soon.
Brittaney thinks that it would be a good idea if they
found an old farm house and stayed there until morning.
Their parents would never know that they weren’t home
because school was tomorrow and they would just skip. All
of the teenagers would be home by the time school it over
tomorrow. Right?” Ethan looked around at everyone He gave
everyone the look of pure terror. Everyone knew that when
Ethan told a story he made it seem real, he was the best
at it out of everyone here.
“You guys, I really thirsty. Ethan’s story reminded me
that I was. Can we please find somewhere to get a drink
while we tell the story?” Beth asked.
“Yeah we should. I’m really thirsty too,” Steven
said. “It’s starting to get cold too. Maybe we should make
like Ethan’s story and find an old farm house to stay in
for tonight. We have school tomorrow and our parents will
never know.”
“And it will make the story that much more exciting!
Almost as if it were true. Scary!” Tiffany said.
Beth shivered. No one was sure if it was from the cold or
that fact that so far everything in the story was starting
to come true.
“Okay so let’s look around or somewhere to stay for the
night and tell the rest of the story,” Jonathan said. “I
can’t wait for my turn. Everyone will be jumping out of
their socks with fear when I start to tell my part!”
“Okay Ethan finish your part of the story,” Mitchell
said. “The sooner you finish with your’s the sooner I get
to start with mine.
“Well the group was looking for somewhere to spend the
night. They kept walking down the road. Sara kept saying
that something was behind them and that they were being
followed but no one listened. I don’t think they wanted to
believe her so they just didn’t. Too bad for them. There
was a loud crash noise from behind them. It sounded like
metal hitting wood. They all turned around and ran toward
the noise,” Ethan made a crashing noise and stomped his
feet really fast as if he were running.
“When they came to where the noise came from they saw an
old car smashed into a big tree. They all walked up to the
car. The metal was twisted and bent in every way possible.
It wasn’t exactly the prettiest of sites. There was blood
all around the car, in the drivers seat, on the steering
wheel, even on the ground. A little bit away from the car
the big blood spots formed footprints leading into the
woods. When they got to the grass there weren’t anymore
footprints,” Ethan looked around at everyone again to see
how convinced they were.
“Wow. Who’s next?” Brittaney asked.
“I am!” Mitchell said and Ethan gave him the twig as the
group continued forward into the night.