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2004-01-30 11:35:59 (UTC)

New Year, Pies In The Sky, And Coke Addictions

I feel so restricted.

I'm not sure how to word it so that you sad little
retard's can understand me, but the easiest thing that
comes to mind is this...

Here, now, this house, these people, this life...It's all
so simple, and intellectually limited.

I can't seem to think about anything more than these
uneducated words and coffee =/.

I've been trying for the best part of three months, to get
my 'Homicide Journal' off the ground, but every time I go
to write, my mind locks, and the only thing I can think of
is, 'Hi, I'm {name}, and this is my life'.

I used to be one of the most talented writers in my
county, in addition to fuck knows what else I used to be
able to do.

I've changed so much since then, but I want it back.

I want to be able to write about what I think, when I
think it, and I can't, because I'm constantly forcing
myself to write what I think people want to see, rather
than what I'm feeling.

I'm such a moron.

People on AIM seem to think I have an addiction to coke,
because I had an away message saying I was snorting.

Could people be any more gullible?

I need to roll a cigarette, and listen to something


Who would have thought Blazin' Squad could write something


I'm going to play with Dream Weaver, see if I can sort out
a 'Coming Soon' page that doesn't look like it was created
by a 3 year old with a box of crayons.

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