2004-01-30 06:57:45 (UTC)

Ain't this weird?

So Chris calls me up asks if I wanna see a movie, I say
sure. I mean ofcourse I'd go see a movie. I'm gonna study
film. So I figure I'd go. I wonder though, is anyone else
gonna be there? Cause he didn't mention it. So I'm not
expecting something.

I get on my merry way and call him up saying: "I'm on my
way." He sais that the gang is all here. I ask who. Turns
out it's steph, Liz, and anna. Ofcourse. But just as I get
there, their all heading for the car. I figure, what the
hell. Liz sais she has 2 papers to write for tomorrow.
Okay. So it's just gonna be me, Chris and Eric.

...Wait wait wait. Back that up. The only time I'm alone
with Chris is when we were in his 2 passanger car, that one
time I went shopping with him. But damn dude, that was all
just like come with me I don't wanna be alone. This is like
that too. I hope. I don't want to make something of it that
it's not, but because of a past attraction I can't help but
wonder. I keep thinking maybe I should go for it.

I kinda know it wouldn't go cause he is in love with his ex
that he's not gonna get over. Also he's kind of an ass.
Very weird sometimes. Like he sais Hi to Benz's whenever he
sees them. One phrase though I can't get out of my mind. I
think Tim said it when I was complaining about everyone
having someone: You know Chris is gonna look real good one
of these day. I said hell I hope not or something like
that, but really I kinda started wondering do I really like
him? Cause He's annoying and I do not see myself hitting
that, but he does have good caring qualities. It's not
meant to be I know, but I just need something to hit I
guess, and Chris, well he's the closest meat to my style.
Damn that's a run on, well bye