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2004-01-30 06:05:30 (UTC)

Busy week, but still felt lonely....

Yup, went to school one day this week, that was kinda nice,
i like fucking the teachers over, its quite hilarious to
me. But yea, i haven't been home besides to sleep since
last friday nite. i have done so much shit i cant
remember. But monday, during the day i went to the mall w/
em to look for stuff for Phils concert on friday.. im
flippin excited! and ya, we leave the mall to go to collins
to fuck around w/ our cars and driving, i pull up and see
jakes car smoking.. lol the genious tried to jump a curb
and he got stuck. so brett tries to pull his car out with a
rope attached to his car, DIDNT work, so some bitch ass
janitor at collins called the cops but luckily we had a
nice cop, and we finally got his car out. And then later
on, i went over to josh's with emily,
and jake, kyle, and carlos were there. we all just hung
out, i had a blast, i swear? ha, we sat there, between the
listening to music, kyle and josh being "party boy" and
then being "wiggers" and "farm boys" and kyle dressing up
in pig costume, josh singing/playing his guitar, and
everyone dancing around, everyone was having fun. Its a
shame the good times have to end, because then what is
there to hide how i really feel? So then tuesday and
wednesday just hung out w/ all them again, well, not really
kyle and carlos... well hey, i take that back... i hung out
w/ carlos on wednesday.. that kid hates me :( OH one
nite.. i have NO idea what we were doing, but all of a
sudden we ended up going to this one street where josh
picked up these two dudes, and it was hilarious to see 5
guys crammed into his lil cavalier and then me and em
bumpin in my car by ourselves! HA but the greatest part was
when josh (WHO CANT DRIVE) almost killed me by swearving
back into the lane that i was ALREADY in... so if there
wasn't that median thing, yup, emily and i, wouldn't be
here today bc there was MASS oncoming traffic... never
again am i following that kid. yup, then after that, i
really had to pee so we went to sports! lol, and there, i
bet kyle in basketball because IM BETTER! ohh... and then
the guys did this lil horse riding thing (that just looks
funny) and then we left. fun shit i tell you... well
anyway, tonite was the boone vs ryle basketball game... yup
boone kicked ass.. and i sat on the boone side bc im sick
of ryle people... and yea.. it was good.. the weather was
horrible and i went like 15 mph on the way home, which was
a first for me! lol... ya but tonite i've listened to 4
cd's that megan has let me borrow... this is some good
shit, how come no one ever got me into it before?! damn you
people! lol but im gonna head off to think about stuff...
like always.. and tonite i have found some hope.. a little
glisten (is that a word) but hey.. you gotta start

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