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2004-01-30 04:40:18 (UTC)


it really sucks when u do work like i do..... its full of
secrets and body aches... and then no matter how much u try
not to get attached... its impossible well last night one
of my favorite patients past... and i will miss her
greatly.. she always made me smile and i loved it.... she
was awesome rest peacfully leona darling!!! and then
tonight number 2 struck... however she wasnt so much
attached but she was stilla nice lady but it didnt really
hurt me with the fact that she died but more the fact that
i had to help transport her dead body from the bed to the
stretcher thingy for the funeral and im telling u i dont
know how anyone does stuff like that... lets just hope i
only have to touch one dead body in my life time..well
thats all i got to say... besides thanks for talking to me
don.... it kept my mind of things :o)