Too Much to Say
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2004-01-29 22:47:50 (UTC)

Doing good

so...after staring at your fat arms in the dance class
mirrors for so long, you begin to find motivation to
change. and today is the first day of change. i've
actually managed to eat healthy ALL DAY! well, the day's
not quite over yet, but if you know me this is a HUGE
step. i love me some food. and as lori says, "life is
short, you gotta make love to somethin'" i chose food.
but from now on it is dieting and working out!!! BOOM
BABY! if i ever want to get jobs on stage i have got to
lose some weight. sad, but true.
next resolution, PRACTICE! i can't keep wasting my
time here. i could've learned so much more already but
haven't because i didn't really apply myself. you only get
as much from your education as you put into it. and i
could be putting in a lot more. i'm the kind of person who
gets inspired to WANT-to-do very easily. but i rarely get
inspired to actually DO. this is my attempt to finally do
something amazing with my life. i used to be so hard
working back in the old highschool days. what happened?
well, no more procrastination. i just wish i had some
scary guy with a whip screaming orders at me to keep me in
line. any volunteers?

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