Nick's Journal
2004-01-29 21:31:50 (UTC)

I wonder if I'd be able to crank one out before the elevator hits my floor

so today was a fairly routine day. i got my ass handed to
me in advanced and then took a beating down the rest of the
classes. in between i spent my time wisely by falling
asleep in someone's mustard stained napkins. so i decided
that i'd go and see what nature had in store for me. i
brought my camera and just took some pictures. as i was
walking to one of my destinations i was looking into all
the parked cars and i wondered if an officer would accost
me, that would be kidna awkward considering i had a
camera. then i wondered if any of my friends would believe
that i were a car thief. most guys think i drive pretty
well and all the girls i know pretty much drop their uterus
on the floor when they're driving with me. in other words,
i drive "fast".
so then i was walking along the campus when i saw this guy
and girl in a near collision course as they were walking
with books in their hands. they nearly missed each other,
with a polite smile on both parts and kept on walking.
then i mused how it would have been if they had hit each
other, you know drop their books, get into conversation and
all that stuff that makes your balls shrivel up into your
stomach and your dick hide between your legs. i'd be a
good film maker.
then i was in an elevator in the library, going up to the
6th floor (last one), and i noticed that it was giong very
slowly. so by the second floor i was wondering if i'd be
able to masturbate on the way up, without getting caught.
then i started buggin' out about them probably having a
camera in the elevator. just then the door opened and some
fat guy stumbled in. good thing i didn't try it, my dick
woulda screamed like a bitch torn of my anus and proceeded
to beat my ass, with my own ass.
speaking of fat people in elevators. i was going up to the
5th floor (also the last one) and on the second floor 3
more fat people came in. by the 3rd floor people we were
stuffed in there like jews in a cattle cart, going an
average one floor per 3 fat people. for a second i thought
that the elevator was going to give way, and i realized
just how little i wanted to spend time with these guys. i
squeezed outta like lotion from a bottle and continued the
walk up there. safer at least.