Best Left Unspoken
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2004-01-29 21:26:50 (UTC)

let it snow

well like right now it's snowing a lot. what I really
wanted to talk about was this one night i was in this chat
room and this guy came in and started saying things about
how americans should die and stuff. It made me so mad so I
just well i'm from the US and i never did anything to you
and he's like sayin all this stuff and it really bothers
me how someone who doesn't even know me can hate me so
much because of something someone I DON'T EVEN KNOW did to
someone that they DON'T EVEN KNOW. I mean geeze. If they
are gonna live hatin for no real reason then it's just
gonna bring the rain down on them. Don't they know that
it's a new world and the times are turning. Like for
example during World War II they took all the Japanese and
put them in these camp things (which was completely wrong)
and this time there is like a war with the people from
Iraq and stuff and we didn't put any of them in those
camps because descrimination should so be way in the past
well... actually... descrimination shouldn't be anywhere
at all. And that's what I think.... did u realize that the
titel of this thing is Let it snow, but i only actually
had one sentence about it snowing... oh well. Welpz gotta
go. I made this entry shorter than usual just for u Jenn!

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