a watercolour stain
2004-01-29 18:34:39 (UTC)

just another moment

it's been awhile since i've written, but isn't that how it
always goes? classes are going pretty well, though i've
dropped the philosophy class. mucho boring. and the
professor was a weirdo. the weather has been pretty yuck
lately. all snow and ice and frezing rain. kenny's
birthday just passed. i had a wonderful night all planned,
but it was ruined by the weather and then ruined more by
inconsiderate people. i am having a really hard time
living in this house right now. people are loud, dirty,
messy and obnoxious. among other things. i end up being
stressed out a good bit of the time. people just piss me
off. work hasn't been too bad lately. just the norm-
stupidity and laziness. kenny's supposed to be going to
atlantic city for work next month. i might get to go,
too. that would be pretty cool i guess, cause i've never
been there. as always, i don't have much to say, so i'm
going to go.

soft kisses,
violet stardust

*with many goosebumps*

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