Thoughts in the Confused
2004-01-29 14:50:38 (UTC)

Dream, Interrupted.

Well, I had a sexual dream again. That is the first in a
long time. The dream did not finish since I woke up so I
was upset with that. I was with a guy who is a friend of
mine from school. We were at this other guys house and he
had this decked out basement. So three were on the couch
and some how we got to rubbing each other through our clothes. Or more
like, I was rubbing my friend's crotch and he was rubbing the
other guys. And then I put my hand in his underwear to
start really jacking him and i woke up. I am pissed off.
heheh I will never have a complete dream like that.

jdiary2001 @ gmail (dot) com

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