Recollections and daily drama
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2004-01-29 13:37:20 (UTC)


I have stumbled upon a new concept lately - being
organized. Some people are overly organized to the point
they make life 10x harder than it truly is. Some call it
being "anal" but I can't stand that word so I prefer to
just call it being mental.

The past couple days I have discovered the magical concept
of folders. Having one large folder that holds its
components, such as important things, especially at work,
like menus. Where to eat and then all the restaurants
with their names on the top of the folders in one large
hanging file. Maybe many people do this, but I feel very
powerful now that I have. A "mental" person probably
would do it and then alphabetize it. I am only sitting
here thinking about alphabetizing.

I wonder if anybody would do this with their "dates." Like
all the information on the people they date. Having one
large file and saying "dates." Then have all their names
in order with all the things about them.

Thanks to my boyfriend of over a year I have been able to
let go of a lot of my old ways. My old system was combine
everything in one file and then spend an hour sorting
through the file trying to find the pizza menu.

Life just has seemed to fly right by me since I hit the age
of 19. I can't tell you how much I have done I just try
to put a lid on. Such as my rubbermaid storage keepers.
I just throw things in them that I just don't want to look
at (bills, old boyfriends, ugly pictures) and put them in
my attic. I know someday I will have to look at it again
but maybe there will be a fire and I won't have to... Not
that I want to deal with a fire because I kind of like the
things in the lower part of my house.

With modern technology though, things come back to haunt
me. I try to pretend my bills, my photos maybe won't be
seen by my current boyfriend who I plan to be with
forever. Somehow these things surface because my computer
contains them and he is a computer geek. It would take
months of hitting the delete key to banish my embarrassing