The Best Damn Diary - PERIOD!
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2004-01-29 07:44:05 (UTC)

"hIgH - yEt AgAiN PeOpLe!!!"

Stoned again, so welcome to STONERS thoughts for the day
lol. They're boring if you haven't heard any of these.
Let's post a conversation from yahoo messenger on here,
just to give ya an idea lol

George o0o: word of advise
George o0o: don't update your virus scanner then do a
Chris: lol
George o0o: well FUCK it up
Chris: well, i run AVG....i've never had that problem
George o0o: lol the date is like 01/26/04
Chris: lol
George o0o: but your definations are 01/29/04
George o0o: fucks it up
George o0o: it like a time warp
Chris: lol
Chris: cooooooooooollll....i wish i could do that lol
George o0o: lol
George o0o: time warp?
Chris: well, time travel...same diff lol
George o0o: ll
George o0o: lol*
George o0o: you can
George o0o: your High
George o0o: run around in circles backwards for 10 min
George o0o: lol you will be in the past
Chris: lol
Chris: know what the first thing EVER done to
me high was, and still freaks me out lol
George o0o: ?
George o0o: funky chicken?
Chris: you know where somebody like, bounces their hands
and saying "you're running through a forest..." lol
George o0o: no
George o0o: lol
George o0o: ever have someone while you have it inhale you
stand against a wall and the push on your chest as hard as
they can?
Chris: lol....yesssssssss....that's like, the best too lol
George o0o: lol
George o0o: yup yup
George o0o: unless you end u pdoin the Funky Chicken
George o0o: that freaks the shyt out of people

ohhhhhhhhhh yea....reminising about old drug days....i
love it lol It's fun...remind me why i quit this the first
time? lol

I need some new stuff to do while i'm high, so think for
me people....besides writting on here, and the 3
messengers i got....what are some fun things to do while
you're high, fucked up, stoned, blew your mind lol.

Message me some ideas, the cool ones will be posted in a
next journal entry!

PeAcE oUt PeOpLe!