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2004-01-29 03:57:13 (UTC)

The Endless Trend

We met each other through a mutual friend,
Within two weeks it all came to an end.
But you were my first boyfriend,
and it was you who started this endless trend.

Our relationship, much I do not remember,
I do believe that we didn't even make it through November.
When I broke up with you, you threatend to kill me,
I can remember something about a rope, chain saw, and a

The whole time we went out, I never saw you
This could be because of the fact you started smoking and
little did you know, but your mom knew.
You have changed so much since freshman year,
It just goes to show how much I truly don't know much about
my boyfriends because never did I expect you to smoke pot,
pop pills, or drink beer.

Going out with you three times was extremely dumb on my part
Never wanting to admit that I knew you used me from the
We have had our ups and downs, but luckily now you are my
But to any girl, going out with him is something I would
not recommened.

Meeting you three years ago, I let you in my life, on this
crazy ride,
Through our good times, through our bad, you were there by
my side.
I thought you were the one for me,
Was I right, was I wrong, we will never know because I was
too blind to see.

My first older boyfriend, one with a car,
In your eyes, you saw our relationship going far.
It is a shame you disrespected me and treated me bad,
Because I gave up on you and we lost everything we had.

You scared me by how much you cared,
And the way you expressed yourself and the emotions we
I am very sorry that our relationship didn't work out,
Because at times, you are all that I can think about.

Those many nights spent together by the fire, wrapped in
your arms,
I thought I was invinsible, I thought I was free from harm.
But I let you get close to me and I let you steal my heart,
You decided I couldn't make you happy, so it was best for
us to part.

These boys have come and gone in my life,
Causing me nothing more than pain and strife.
I have learned my lesson and decided that wasting my time
on all these guys has to end,
There is no man on this earth that can end this painful