Through My Blue Eyes....
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2004-01-29 03:17:12 (UTC)

My Baby.... 1/29/04

today was such a great and matt didnt fight
once...we just layed around because hes sick and i got to
hold him and baby him all day...he is the greatest gift god
could ever send...i cant beleave how one person could come
in at such a bad time and change your life forever!when i
look at him its like my heart skips a beat and i dont think
any guy could make me feel the way he does...he says the
sweetest things at all the right times!i know we have our
bad days just like anyone else in this world but i have
faith in us because we are so strong and there is nothing
in this world worth breaking up over!i cant wait till the
day that i can say that i am his and he is mine...forever!!!


theres no place like home:)