Drowning Dreams
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2004-01-29 01:03:03 (UTC)

Air Force 1!

Monday, this really awesome guy (I had a crush on) left
for the Air Force. I never got to tell him how much I
respected our, little, but huge friendship. He was
georgous and I new he should have been mine. What can I do
now, hes gone and I'm still here. I guess age does
matter. I went skiing with him about twice and he hung out
around my friends brother alot. I don't have any memories
of him now, just that he was sickly hott! He wasn't
afraid of anything, or anyone. I loved him for always
being there for me, now I regret letting him leave without
notice. Notice about how I really liked him. He may not
have cared but atleast he would have known. My heart
breaks when I think about him. Why was it my heart that
had to be left behind? Hey, atleast I still have his HOTT
friend. It won't be the same, but atleast he's georgous!!!
I'm mad at myslef for letting him get away,
sorryful that he will not be coming back into my arms. I
loved the way he held me. He was the sweetest person any
gurl could ever want.
Now he's gone, goodbye Jeremy!
aka... Sykochik

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