Drowning Dreams
2004-01-29 00:50:10 (UTC)

January 28, 2004

It's my sophomore year in highschool and today we
went to an occupational school, as a field trip, to let
ourselves see how much better they're school is then
ours. It was pretty interesting. I was very interested
in the Interactive Media program they had and I hope to go
there for that. I love photography, and sinse they have
nothing about photography there, that was cool too. But
not as cool! It seems like nothing ever goes right in the
world, and I think to myself about how much I really rely
on all my friends, and hope well grow old together and
crap like that. Yeah thats all it is, CRAP! For all I
know I probably won't ever talk to any of them ever again
as long as I live! I have my own life and If I want to be
successful, I need to stop relying on them and start
looking towards my future. Its really hard for me though,
because leaving my friends in that lame school, to go to a
drastically different enviornment, will be very hard. Im
ok by myself though, because I don't get along with alot
of "girls" I get along fine with guyz though, If you know
what I mean! Well my entry is probably boring but I
really needed something that I could write my day in,
thoughts and memories!
aka... Sykochik

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