Jessi Lynn

It's My Life
2004-01-28 23:20:13 (UTC)


so yesterday it was snowin like crazee...i was attemptin
homework and then erin calls me to tell me to go over by i gave in and went..we watched american idol and
then lauren and kier went to pick up josh...he came wit 12
rollin rocks..we were celebratin not havin school cuz we
were supposed to get 10 ya we played
was a pretty hott game but i sucked at it at first cuz i
hate chuggin i got pretty buzzed ll and we just
danced and shit it was fun..then we went to play in the was soo deep we had to like make a path to sled
in lol..there were these guys tryin to board over this
jump someone made and they kept fallin it was
we then discovered that we onlee had a 2 hour delay so we
had all the classes after 10 which blows!!!..whatever so
me and katey came back...and today classes were dumb cuz G
wasnt there so i onlee had one class...and im so mad cuz i
have a 7-10 tonite and TONITE lauren decides to go to
josh's house to party!..grgrrrrrr im out