life sucks
2004-01-28 20:17:56 (UTC)

staci and me get in trouble

today was so boring at school i tried to write an entry
today in comp class but my teacher kept walking by me so i
couldnt do it.....yea i was really bored today....there is
nothing to do in school. i was talking to staci and fucking
jessica came up and took her away saying that she talking
to me cuz i was a bitch and everything.....i was lyk yea u
think that i am a bitch but maybe she should look at
herself and everything i dont kno i just think everyone
should stay out of mine and stacis bussiness....its not lyk
we were doing ne thing wrong we were only talking i cant
believe that ne one made such a big deal about her taking
that advil and was her decision and i
made a wrong decision and i relize that kno but i g2g ttyl
buh byez