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2004-01-28 20:17:27 (UTC)

When you really think that you have a true friend!

Dear Diary,

As you may already know that I have a friend by the
name of Shanice Jones! Well at least I thought that I had a
friend! Well actually she did something to me that a true
friend would never do! Well, I was dating this boy that she
knew that I really cared about him. Things didnt work out
between us so I met someone new, but I still had feelings
for him! Well around school was that she was dating him, so
I asked her and she was like no, I would never do that to
you cause friends dont do friends like that! Well when the
truth comes out she really dates him and she is still
telling me that she doesnt talk to him! When I found this
out it hurt so bad because I never in my life thought that
my friend would do something like that to me! Well
basically I guess that the saying is true always watch who
you choose as a friend!

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