felicity womb
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2004-01-28 04:55:01 (UTC)

And my point is?!?!

You know what, life is just…sometimes even too just.
It’s a fair game with rubbery rules, in which you oppose
the smartest, most deceitful, but yet quite loyal rival of
all-yourself… Rationalism is granted. But no…its our
nature to try illegal turns…to attempt short cuts…and as
soon as we start to cheat that’s where the fairness of the
board game is lost…But with what we count to be “wise
moves” of ours, we fuck our own selves up…Think about it,
how can you bamboozle someone and come out as a winner of
the so called battle, when the only contenders are you and
yourself…?!?! What goes around comes around…

So it really gives me laughing attacks plus sarcastic
pity to hear people scream in all of my 7 ears “Christ,
life is so unfair”!!!

HAHA, it’s a shame to burst your bubble doll, but life is
as fair as it gets!!!

How seasonable…and my point is?!?!

Oh and Anne called…she is sick again…just like the rest of
us. Well shouldn’t have been eating all that snow out
side, where is that wisdom……

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