forever changing
2004-01-28 04:42:10 (UTC)

Vampire Da Chuva Preta if you see this...

as i beleive i have mentioned before my boyfriend mike and
my ex boyfriend matt used to be best friends then between a
mess of crap that i do not even want to try to understand
they now are not even talking, well tonight i was talking
to mike and he told me that he wants to talk to matt but
was unsure of how to go about it, i called matt and when i
finally got a hold of him to ask if he would just talk to
mike he said he would have to think about it but he would
get back to me. i truely hope that they do at least talk
because i can see how much it hurts mike, and i really
don't think that matt understands how much he means to
mike. he reallyloves that guy. i have been with mike for
nine months and they have not spoken in over a year and a
half and i don't know who he cares about more, though we
are both on the very top of the list. matt is a good guy he
has done some crappy things but everyone does and yes i
have probably ranted about what an ass he was but above it
all i can honestly say i miss him a lot i have not actually
talked to him in about ten months, about a month or so
after we broke up. i wish he could have heard how mike
talked about him i have never before heard him talk like
that. he was so... i don't know how to describe it. he
misses matt so bad. he told me that the reason he has let
it go so long before trying to talk to matt is because it
hurt him to think abvout what had happened and that he just
feels so sad and depressed about what happened becasue he
loves matt so much he can't seem to understand why they are
not friends and how things got all screwed up. i really do
not know what else to say but matt if you read this ... its
all true and if you would only just talk to him, you don't
see how much it hurtsd him and you can not hear the open
wounds in his voice that need to be healed somehow and no
one can help him wiht that but you.