It smells like poop over here
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2004-01-28 04:29:03 (UTC)

what the hell am i doing here...

i don't belong here." creep by radiohead. i want a perfect
body and i want a perfect soul. i want you to notice when
im not around.
i talked to lauren for little while last night, then
about 45 minutes later i called to tell her that a dale jr
thing was on MTV and and eminem thing was on MTV2. i called
3 times, never got and answer and never got a voice mail.
that was odd to me. i don't know if she has call waiting,
but she said when she woke up that she saw she had 3 missed
calls. i kept thinking she was on the phone with some other
guy. then i had a weird dream about her cheating on me. and
i keep picturing her cheating on me. i see myself walking
into target to suprise her, and she's kissing another guy
and says bye to him then she looks right at my face like
she's devastated. now im really hot and i think im sweating
a little. what in the blue hell does that mean? is she
cheating on me. was i right all along and she never cared
about me for a second. i guess ill get my heart broken in
due time.