Wishin' on some long lost star
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2004-01-28 01:36:06 (UTC)

I remember the look in your eyes, When I told you that this was goodbye

Hey yo'z
So i stole this saying from Wesley thompson, and it was in
her xanga... lol so it was "i am the pink flamingo on the
great lawn of life" and then james and i were discussing
James: So you are a frivilous decoration with not intent or
purpose but equally loved by the owner of the lawn, as
every other token creation in the yard? Hmm its like a
Metaphor with God. Even tho Pink Flamingos, Lawn Gnomes,
and other lawn decorating oddities they are equally loved
by their owners, just as we imperfect sinners who put stock
in frivilous things are equally loved by Our Heavenly
Father The God, who sent His own son Jesus Christ to earth.

muahahaha i love it :)

I see your scars
I know where they’re from
So sensually carved and bleeding
Until you’re dead and gone
I’ve seen it all before
Beauty and splendour torn
It’s when heaven turns to black
And hell to white
Right so wrong and wrong so right
Feel it turning your heart into stone
Feel it piercing your courageous soul
You’re beyond now- redemption
And no one’s going to catch you when you fall
I see you crawl
You can barely walk
And arms wide open
You keep on begging for more
I’ve been there before
Knocking on the same door
It’s when hate turns to love
And love to hate
Faith to doubt and doubt to faith

Genesis 24:49
Now if you will show kindness and faithfulness to my
master, tell me; and if not, tell me, so I may know which
way to turn."

All my love,