C'est moi and I'm not french
2004-01-27 22:39:31 (UTC)

the mad ski pole stabber

Here's me just checking in cuz i am bored... i havent
really done anything... i scored two goals at my soccer
game!!! i normally suck but yesterday i actually did
good... i had fun too.. i might just actually stick with
soccer... so today i asked nate to lunch tommorrow... hes
such a nerd... i mean if i admit that freely you know its
true but hes adorable... the funniest thing happenned to
jack... so me and keri went to pick him up for school and
he has a note taped to his door saying that he had to go
get stitches and he couldnt get hold of us. so me and keri
thought that maybe jack drank too many red bulls again and
his heart stopped and he fell down the stairs and hit his
head on the banaster and cracke dhim head open... and we
were cracking up too...
so heres the real story

jack went snowboarding like always and he noticed this guy
was following him really close so he swearvedto the left
and then swearved back and tripped him... ahaha... so
little did he know that at the bottom of the hill, the guy
was behind him... and the guy stabed him in the back with
his ski pole!!!!!! so jack had to go get sttches for
that... it is such a funny story though... i was laughing
all day.. so im going to go run now... its my january
resolution... ok bye