The Best Damn Diary - PERIOD!
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2004-01-27 22:21:46 (UTC)

Waiting SUCKS lol

Well, today's the day i get my NEW 40 gig hard-drive....i
dare ya to go check the price of one at,
and then compare it to the price i'm gettin it for...$80
for a 40 gig, with a 3 year warantee....pretty cool shit

Anyways, just a fast post, cause i get this thing in under
40 minutes...(it's now 3:20pm as i'm posting now)...and
when i get it, that'll be one other thing checked off
my "upgrading this shitty computer" list. Next off? MORE
RAM dammit lol...then i'm pretty much set :)

So, i will post as soon as i get up and running
until then, have fun, and post later


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