life sucks
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2004-01-27 22:07:09 (UTC)

today sucked

omg today tottally suxed it was so boring...... last night
i cut and it doesnt really hurt but i dunno i dont get y i
do it but it just happens sumtimes..... i wish i was on
another team at school not that i dont lyk the one im on
but going half way through the year on one team then them
just changing it really sucks i am so mad but i dunno wut
to do.......everbody hates me they all just wanna kick my
ass why dont they just do it i wou8ldnt mind maybe they
would take me out of this world........... i dunno it
sux.......... i got in trouble today it art callss cuz
fcking mr.poliquin is an asshoel and has to yell at me and
krista the whole time we r in there and then he wants us to
do work when he has tottally pissed us off i dont think
that will happen ne time soon do u?..... um i dont really
no what else to talk bout so i am going to leave for right
now i might be bac lata tho buh byez

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