Baby Doll

'Tha Blonde Goddess'
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2004-01-27 20:34:11 (UTC)


:'-( hey ppl. why am i sad you may ask. many reasons. one
a lot of my friends are sad for one reason or another. two
i havent talked to cody since he called to tell meh that
his comp wasnt workin. and three i didnt make either of
the school plays....not even understudy. plus im all like
worried about valentines day and stuff. i want everything
to go ok. and im scared that if steph wont go to hardwood
then rick wont go and then cody wont go and i'll be stuck
alone....again...on valentines day. i mean all the past
years have been ok b.c i havent had a valentine. (cept for
8th grade and hunter got me kiss kiss bears). but this
year is different. ive found someone i want to be with and
if i cant spend valentines day with him i kno that i'll
cry....a lot.
but i think what im worried about more is that cody will
realize that him and Bjorg are truely ment to be together. gonna go now.....i'll talk
to ya'll l8er.